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Keith is four years older, but he's still making the same mistakes that he made in high school. He's pushing people away when he needs them the most. He's burying himself in school work to hide from the realities of his life. He's selfish and he's still struggling to trust that someone is capable of loving him forever.

As Keith prepares for his last year at Columbia, his fear of hurting D in the future causes him to hurt D in the present. D leaves the apartment they share together with the intention of never returning. The taste of life without D pushes Keith to reassess his decisions, but is it too late?


Keith is an 18 year old high school student living in Harlem. He has a life plan that includes being the class valedictorian and going to Columbia University. His mother is a recovering drug addict and his family is broken in most meanings of the word, but he has remained unfazed by his surroundings. He meets two cousins, Jesse and Derrick, and his senior year is turned on its head as he finds himself in a love triangle that leads to the discovery of details from his past that his mother wanted to keep hidden forever.

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